From Boom to Bust and Beyond

How a Generation Created – And Destroyed – the World’s Prosperity

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Jerry made a presentation at the United Nations in New York to the International Prayer Council

Cornerstone’s goal is to serve both the investing public as well as investment professionals

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As a Macro Economist, Jerry has discussed major market and economic highlights and concerns. Please take a moment to view the latest Special Report below.

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President & Founder

Jerry is a Certified Financial Planner®, and a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington…

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Director of Market Research, CCO, CMT

David came to Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc (CFS) in 1991. David graduated from Texas Tech…

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LUTCF, APCC, CMC Investment Advisor Representative

Darrell affiliated with CFS in 2008. Darrell moved from Baton Rouge to Dallas in September…

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Client Service Administrator

Beth began working at Cornerstone in January of 1999. She assists the representatives with…

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Administrative Assistant

Bekki began working at Darrell Delphen’s office in Baton Rouge in July 2010 and moved with…

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Administrative Assistant

Karla joined Cornerstone in December 2014. She is new to financial services but loves to work with…

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Financial Advisory Assistant

Lesli joined the Cornerstone team in July of 2015 after graduating from Christ for the Nations…

Donna Gregory

Administrative Assistant, Baton Rouge

Donna joined Darrell Delphen’s office in Baton Rouge in May 2008 after spending 20 years…

Cornerstone’s goal is to serve both the investing public as well as investment professionals. For both do-it-yourself investors and delegators we offer our weekly market and economic E-letter, the Cornerstone Report – offered continuously since 1984. In addition, we offer live training events held in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area and around the nation.

Delegators will want to utilize the E-letter and training events to educate themselves. Cornerstone offers money management services to the investing public as well. At Cornerstone our mission is to empower both investors and professionals to be better stewards of the money they’ve been entrusted with.