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The United States is coming off a period of growth and prosperity unlike anything the world has ever seen before.  Like a surfer riding a gigantic fifty-foot wave, the economy has been carried by consumer spending from the largest demographic group in history.   It was truly a phenomenal time.

Unfortunately, that wave has hit the beach.  As boomers pass their peak spending years, we will enter an unprecedented demographic winter.  But, despite the tough times, author Jerry Tuma believes that there are things we can do as individuals and as a nation to succeed and prosper.  Armed with demographics statistics and thirty years of economic and financial planning expertise, he provides insight into topics such as…

  • The myth of overpopulation and what that means for public policy issue, from abortion to immigration 

  • How demographics show us what will come next

  • How small business could be the key to our recovery – and what that means for you

  • How you can thrive in the midst of the new economic realities

“As we explore our past, present, and future financially, economically, and politically in these pages, it is my hope to challenge you to have the courage to face the difficulties ahead with an unwavering faith in the future.”  Jerry Tuma