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Learn to Think Like the Legendary Investor Titans

Most people like to think that they make investing decisions based upon cool, calculated logic, but studies reveal that the investing public is driven more by emotion and herd mentality, consistently underperforming the market averages.

Yet we all know of famous exceptions, legendary investors who broke from the stampeding herd, honed their decision making skills and carved a path of excellence in the markets. Names, such as:

Warren Buffett

Peter Lynch

James McKeever

William O’Neil

Sir John Templeton.

Are these exceptional men privy to knowledge that the average investor cannot hope to gain, or can you learn from their success principles for your own investment decisions?

The answer: Their success knowledge and philosophy are principles that anyone can learn and adopt. That includes you!

These men did not follow modern conventional wisdom as it is practiced on Wall Street and taught in the universities!

Jerry Tuma’s latest Smart Money Training Series with his focus on Investing Psychology, will teach you how each of these men forged their success, and what you can learn for your own investment choices.

You’ve heard Jerry for years on his Smart Money Radio program Saturdays at 8am on 660 “The Answer” in Dallas. Jerry has a renewed, burning desire to help his listeners and his clients rise above the “dumb money” herd to become “Smart Money” investors who prosper while the vast majority of others fail.

Don’t miss this next workshop, Tuesday, 10/24/17 at 6:30pm at the Cornerstone offices in Addison. You’ll learn:

~How the Dalbar Study confirms that the average investor buys high and sells low. Learn how to break from the rest of the lemmings and make Smart Money choices.

~How to use the herd’s emotionally driven behavior to your advantage.

~In Secrets of the Investing All Stars, Jerry covers the principle Hall of Fame investing giants used to forge their success, and how you can capitalize on them.

You simply cannot afford to miss this workshop. If you have $100,000 or more of investable assets, contact our offices today by clicking here, or call our offices at 800-327-4285.

This year the stock market has forged ahead, yet is historically reaching to the point where “yellow lights” are flashing. The Fed is raising rates and “unwinding” its balance sheet, which will greatly affect the bond market and eventually stocks as well.

You cannot afford to miss this vital knowledge taught by Jerry at the next workshop:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cornerstone Financial Services

14901 Quorum Drive, Suite 785

Dallas, Tx 78254


Food will be provided so that you don’t have to stop beforehand. Just come, learn and grow.

Call 800-327-4285 or click today to register!

We’ll see you then!

P.S.—As a bonus to this workshop, Jerry will also take a “deep dive” into the famed Yale Endowment, which has historically produced higher returns with lower volatility than almost any other endowment. How do they do it? Find out at the next Cornerstone Financial Services workshop October 24th.

At Cornerstone Finanacial Services, We’re Changing the Way America Thinks About Investing



Cornerstone Financial
14901 Quorum Dr. Ste. 785, Dallas, TX 75254

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Topics to be covered:

  • Jerry’s investor training course focuses on opportunities that arise related to investor emotions that sweep the markets.

  • Big Wave Investing as Jerry shows how U.S. demographic trends affect certain sectors of the market especially real estate, stocks and bonds.

  • China is embarking on an infrastructure build out, the “One Belt Road“. This is expected to lead to an increase of car buying in Asia. How will this transformation and other technology infrastructure revolutions affect oil, technology and other markets?

Register online or call 800-327-4285



Jerry is a Certified Financial Planner®, and a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (BBA, 1979). Since 1981, Jerry has been one of our area’s leading financial voices. His radio show Smart Money has been syndicated nationally since 1987. Along with David McCord, Jerry authors a weekly E-newsletter, The Cornerstone Report. Jerry has written two books; Smart Money, with his wife Ramona and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Tim LaHaye, and From Boom to Bust and Beyond. A nationally acclaimed speaker on the economy and investments, Jerry is a regular guest on national radio and television talk shows.