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We live in financially tumultuous times. With over 35 years of experience as an investment advisor, Jerry Tuma and Smart Money stand unique. Jerry is President of Cornerstone Financial Services in Dallas and is a leading economic and financial analyst who discerns what is happening in the world and then translates it to where you live and how these events may affect your future. Smart Money Radio and Cornerstone Financial Services are Changing The Way America Thinks About Investing.™

Smart Money Radio can be heard live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Saturdays at 8:00am on talk radio The Answer 660am.

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Smart Money Radio 07/22/17

Jerry is shocked! Find out why.

Hear about the three investment training courses Jerry is developing.


Smart Money Radio 07/15/2017 

Should consumers be more concerned than they seem to be?

Smart Money Radio 07/08/2017 

Who is buying American oil? You’d be surprised!

Smart Money Radio 07/01/2017 

Smart Money Radio 06/24/2017 

Smart Money Radio 06/17/2017 

Smart Money Radio 06/10/2017 

Smart Money Radio 06/03/2017 

Smart Money Radio 05/27/2017 

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